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Smith Flow Control
SFC introduced the coded-card linear-key concept in a range modular key-operated interlocks to regulate operator execution of work procedures on any form of host process equipment.
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  • http://www.smithflowcontrol.com

  • Controlling the sequence of events in which process activities are conducted has been achieved historically using a Permit to Work (PtW) accompanied by documented instructions.

    However, this system is hostage to 'human factors' Distractions, failure to interpret correctly, ignorance of the system - all can lead the operator to make errors which can manifest themselves in industrial accidents of varying magnitudes.

    Trapped Key Interlocks are simple mechanical devices which can be customised to implement a safe sequence of operation in any process activity.

    Please click on the product link to learn how our mechanical key interlock system ensures that pig trap valves are disabled and proven shut and the vessel is isolated, drained and vented BEFORE opening of the closure for loading or unloading of pigs, or, how the spare pressure safety relief valve is on stream BEFORE an inservice relief valve can be isolated and removed, or, how we prevent a tanker from departing a loading/discharge station BEFORE the cargo hoses are disconnected.

    These and any other work tasks executed by human intervention can be completely regulated by SFC's coded-card key interlocks - simple and total mechanical reliability to prevent operator error or violation to protect your plant, the surrounding community and the environment. In addition to our range of highintegrity coded-card key interlock safety products, SFC also offer a comprehensive range of valve and process equipment security products for high and low-criticality applications.