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Easi-Drive (Pneumatic Portable Actuator) is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a dedicated actuator.
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Wherever you have manually-operated valves that have high operating torques, hundreds of handwheel turns to open/close or are just difficult to operate then easi-drive is your solution.

Each drive tool has a unique serial number and is supplied with it's corresponding certificate of calibration. The example provided shows the relationship between the input air supply pressure, via the SFC air filter, regulator and Lubro (FRL) pack and the output torque that the drive tool can produce.

By adjusting the air pressure you can easily restrict the torque output of the drive tool for your precise requirements.

Smith Flow Control can also supply an electrical version of the easi-drive with features including:

- Pistol grip.
- Range of voltages.
- Customised valve drive adaptors
- Switchable maximum torque level feature
- LCD display indicates direction of drive and current maximum torque
- Output +1- feature buttons to adjust torque
- CE and EMC certified
- Calibration certificate

Also available is a range of hydraulic easi-drive operators, features include:

- Powerful continuous rotation.
- Air and electric powered hydraulic pumps available.
- Can be used subsea via umbilicals and ROV's.
- Customised valve drive adaptors.
- Calibration certificate