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Smith Flow Control have now developed this unique cable drive system that has revolutionised the placement of valves and the particular difficulty in operating them in confined spaces.
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In a hazardous area, below water, in a confined space, in a pit, where noxious fugitive emissions prevail or just plain out of reach,Flexi-Drive is the answer.

Flexi-Drive is a very versatile product consisting of two stations, joined by a unique patented linear drive cable. This equipment enables valves and other wheel-operated devices in remote, hard to reach or hazardous locations to be operated easily from a conveniently located handwheel.

Developed to operate valves in inaccessible locations, Flexi-Drive can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated valve/device, in oil, gas and chemical processing plants, or any other industrial application. It is suitable for underwater use and will function reliably in all climatic conditions.

The cable system can deliver adequate torque output for most manual valve situations and can transmit drive to a valve up to 60 metres from the operator station. The flexible cable system facilitates up to 540 degree of bends in a cable run.